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Giving Back

Laurie donates 5% for conservation and animal rescue efforts.

Clients can choose one of these charities when they book:

Laurie is passionate about helping those that need it, especially animals.  Most of her life, she worked hard to contribute, beginning in grade school with challenged children, then arts programming for girls at risk, land conservation, and rescue efforts for animals and honey bees.  Laurie lives in a close relationship with the natural world by growing organic food, raising honeybees and other creatures, eating local and vegetarian, recycling everything possible, using alternative energy, and in general reducing the carbon footprint.

"It's an integral part of my life, and my way to contribute to the world in a positive way.  Some days I'm overwhelmed by the beauty in the world and so I try hard to preserve it."

See Laurie's current documentary on sustainable farming and other animal rescue photos here:

Below are a few projects Laurie volunteers and⁄or contributes to:

Pollinator Friendly  Defenders of Wildlife  The Cloud Foundation  Best Friends Animal Society  Environmental Defense Fund  Voted Greenest Wedding Vendor - Minnesota Environmental Partnership