Product Photography - All about light

As with all photography, it's all about light. The most important aspect of photography is light. Often people think in terms of photographing objects like a person, a flower, a mountain...but experienced photographers know it is the recording of the light reflecting off these objects much like a masterful painting, or a skillful movie.   Soft light is my favorite, which often means natural ambient light at the perfect time of day augmented by a reflector or two.  It doesn't hurt to have a subject that you love, like Plantables bee bombs. 

The second most important component is the background: texture, pattern, light or dark, and mood are created by the focus and look of the background.  Almost always, the least distracting background is best.  So there you have it, the two most important parts of a product photo.

plantables seedling from bee bomb
bee bombs by plantables
bee bombs and peace bombs, from plantables, seed balls
seed ball, bee bomb, plantables